Late Arjun Kapoor and Malaika Arora’s wedding date before It’s all right or not. Arjun Kapoor and Malaika Arora are going to get married on the next day or the next.

And the news of this is very hotly circulating in the Indian media. Several media in the country say that the two families agree. After a long discussion, Malaika and Arjun agreed to this marriage. Not only that, the list of invited people has already been created. It is heard that Kareena Kapoor Khan, Korsima Kapoor or Maliika took full responsibility for the wedding ceremony.

Malaika-Arjuna has ordered marriage ceremonies to be done through confidentiality and strict security. This is going to be Bollywood’s first marriage this year. Although there are many more stars this year, there are chances of marriage.

Malaika and Arjun, who are in the face of marriage plans, are in the face. When asked about the buzz about a chat show, Malaika answers, ‘It’s all made of media. Media is responsible for it.

However, Malaika did not deny her love with Arjun Kapoor. Malaika said, “I think everyone wants to go ahead, love and get on with the company – with those people whom they can relate. If you can, then you are lucky. If you can, I think the second opportunity will be happy. ‘

Tanvir with a smile about Nabila-Ivan

Short screen busy actor Golam Kibria Tanvir He has taken the audience attention after acting in one drama. Tanvir recently starred in a new drama The name of the play is ‘Dhumrajal’. Parvez Imam has compiled. Managed by Sajib Mahmud. In contrast to Tanvir, Nabila Islam and Parsa Evana have played.

Tanvir said about the story of the drama, ‘Dhumrajala’ will rotate with a vicious act of wife. Where one can see, a young man dreams one by one. But in some way he can not be happy. Later he broke his dream. New turn comes out of the story Besides, there are twists to wear on different styles of the story.

Tanvir said about ‘Dhumrajala’, there is a speed in this story. Keep the audience in front of the television. The rest can be understood only after the promotion. 360 Productions Productions ‘Dramajjal’ plays Divine Multimedia. The drama will be broadcast on NTV on March 9 at 9:00.

‘I’m not ashamed’

Actually, the body is yours, so there is no fear of losing anything, “said Indian actress Re. Indian Bengali media released an interview published by actress RI. The interview was taken by Saturupa Basu. Friends call me tempered. But what I really like to hear about my words, is that ‘bold’. I hear day and night, on Facebook, in the message, someone wants to talk because I’m bold, brave.

If I hear it, I do not feel that I do not feel in their minds. Because I’m angry because they know me how much? Do they think of my body ‘Politics’ at all? Why am I in the special type of movie, for some kind of people?

Self-consciousness came at a very young age. Then maybe I’m four or five. Taking the mother’s hand, give the size of the new shirt to the tail door. The shop is small and on the street. There is nothing called privacy. That day my first shame was on me. The tailgate is taking shape, and I’m ashamed. I said to my mother, ‘I will go home, I feel ashamed.’ The mother said very strongly, ‘This girl is again ashamed!’

I feel like a ‘dicotyme’ here. My body wants shame. But my mother said to be a girl, what is shame? So I thought, if I am shameless, how is it? The house was back. ‘Champion’ mother, aunt and my ‘cool-cat’ mama – everyone wanted me to be free-spirited. Maybe I’m an actress.

Salata 1983 or 1984. Disco Dancer released In my uncle’s home, my childhood. The small-fashioned tapes-deck shop was located in the foothills. Jimmy Jimmy of ‘Disco Dancer’ was released in the afternoon. I would run like a madman on the pavement, and dance.

As soon as he grew up, ‘Sarreel’ was the world, my own world, movie. All the obscure, notorious movies are loved. With their heroines too The mother did not have any ‘injection’. Maybe mother thought ‘Adult’ from my childhood. The time I started modeling was that 2002 or 2003 Around all the brave women. They may not be a ‘fimus’. But at that time there was a Josh among them. When I came to television with this ‘free-spirited personality’ modeling, maybe there was a need for ‘Fresh Skin’ on Bengali TV. I Min, I Came With Smartness Unfolded Freedom for Everyone to Giv Dem from a Perspective to Look at a Woman with Less Clothes. According to Milan Kundera, ‘I gave a concent to make my body public in a moving image.’ My name in the industry is ‘Kholamela R’.

If you want to show body to discipline; Courage comes afterwards. I have had a lot of faith, discipline or self-restraint on my body. My body belongs to me. Sitting in the shop. What’s the shame to sell My body is my father and broker I myself. Those who see my body become ashamed, they become excited, they are. But this is how I ‘trigger’ their primitive entity, this is my ‘connection with my audience’.

Quali’s hand in my ‘alternator’ movie. Abhaab Gard, Daku Fiction, Undergraduate Dangerous Films. When I see ’21 grams’, Naomi Watts’s courage challenges me. The screaming of ‘irreversible’ Monica Belluche’s scream calls me to take the next big step. And that gives the opportunity to queue. In 2006-07, ‘Gangu’ was made by Q. And see the threats of actors, challenge them. Leads towards being ‘chamelas’. I say that as his girlfriend.

Gunnu went extinct in my life when I went to extremes. But I see some film makers who believe. I understand their ‘sexuality’. That’s why ‘Cosmic Sex’ or ‘Gangu’ was needed in my life. But I do not think so much about the truth. Body is yours There is no fear of losing anything. I say that girl.

I do not think the bold pictures in Toledo have suddenly increased. Even before, there are pictures like ‘Parma’ or ‘festival’ or ‘disease’. Ritudio (Rituparna Sengupta) made bold pictures. Most of those who were called brave films 10 years ago, Rituparno Ghosh, Aparna Sen, Goutam Ghosh, Buddhadeb Dasgupta made most of the bets. These were not completely called commercial images. Now the commercial and parallel picture split is a bit blurred. It was all possible for the director like Shreejit Mukherjee or Moinak Bhowmik.

With their pictures, college students can identify as many as fifty men and women. Although the story of this generation tells the story of these directors. For example, in the next film ‘Rajkahini’, I have been playing a sex worker. The image of the creator can not be said as a perfectly commercial, parallel. Myanak’s picture is also. There ‘Boldness’ has been there repeatedly. The idea of ​​the subject and the application came from. And if the whole commercial image was never ‘brave’ at any time.

Not yet. Just before that it was strictly parallel, now it has become very ‘commercial’ – without abandoning the originality. There was a ‘boldness’ in the direction of the subject.

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