The national team teammate and Chelsea star Eden Hazard wants to see Real Madrid in Belgium Thebet Costa Rica. Hazard said in February that he would take a new decision on his future. But this star footballer has not yet announced his plans.

The 20-year-old footballer, who has been contracted with Chelsea until 2020, has long been in constant contact with Santiago Bernabus. Quetta also asked him to join La Liga this giant club.

Goalkeeper told the media, “I do not know if he wants to be in contract with Real Madrid or the club wants him. To me and a big player. But I have nothing to do about this. Everyone decides their own future. Hazard is one of the most trusted players in my eyes. As a friend I want to be here (Real Madrid).

In the last four years before being admitted to Real Madrid in August last year, Costa Rica spent Chelsea for four years. On the other hand, Hazard scored 13 goals in the Premier League’s 29 matches, as well as helped 11 goals. His club Chelsea currently holds the sixth position in the league’s points table.

Argentina has missed all the trophies for Higuain

Argentina’s national team veteran Gonzalo Higuain announced his retirement. In 2009, the Argentine jersey debuted in France, Higuainen was born in France. In a decade, 75 matches played in the country’s jersey, scored 31 goals. Three or three World Cups played World Cup goals scored 5 goals His last hat-trick in the World Cup is also the final hat-trick. But people will remember more because of their failure, because for them Argentina has lost a number of titles.

Higuain’s biggest career is the 2014 World Cup Final. Argentina defeated Germany 1-0 in the final This striker wasted the chance of goals in this match. He got a golden opportunity to score a goal in the 4 minutes of the match, he wasted! There was a great opportunity in the 20th minute; But it also spoils it by messing up Higuain Argentina did not win the World Cup; Messi never won the World Cup

Highest scorer in Argentine jersey, Higuain was widely criticized for losing the easy chance of a crucial moment in the national team match. Such as the 2015 Copa America Final. Forget the World Cup False Argentina is on the verge of one more international title. But the hype! Tiebreaker scored the match due to the end of the game, due to the spell of the match. Gonzalo Higuain beat the ball instead of the goalpost to take the shot! Chilie won the Copa Trophy with the chance of her mistake.

In the next year’s Copa América series, Argentina again crowned the title. But XI is in Higuain; At the crucial time he will miss the goal! At the start of the match, Chilean goalkeeper Claudio Bravo could not send the ball to the empty goal alone, the striker said. Penalty match in penalty penalty shot Lionel Messi’s Argentina could not win the match at the end. Higuain could not even make a goal in the last World Cup in Russia. Rather than criticizing the ball, the ball was criticized. Argentina has farewell from the second round.

Higuain knows that Argentine football fans are mad at it because of these reasons. Because of this, Lionel Messi, the country’s biggest star, has repeatedly denied international titles. Because of the announcement of the retirement, Higuain said, “My time in Argentine jersey is my time. Deeply thought time was over. Now we will look at all from outside the national team. Many of them will be happy. Many people prefer to criticize rather than support. I think I have tried my best in the country’s jersey. Many will be happy, many may not be, but my time is over. ‘

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