He used to sing in the third grade in 1963. Then in 1967, he sang in Sylhet Radio. Guru Babar Ali Khan was the master of his song. Folk singer Lalit Das was furious. Subir Nandi came to the world of music through the first recording of Dhaka Radio in 1970. The first song ‘If anyone burns incense’. About two and a half thousand songs sung in a long career. Ekushey Padak, along with several other National Film Awards. Now, in this eventful artists will talk about various events of life, accidents, smiles-pleasures and sadness in JTV’s ‘Shantibari’ ceremony.

What are the different aspects of life and art? Does the industry give people an experience that does not exist in daily life? Or play a special role in life? Is art an exceptional subject, whose knowledge is acquired by people in an exceptional process? Etc., on special occasions of GTV’s specialty of art and literature, ‘Artbari’ dedicated to Darjibari.

Barisal vocalist Subir Nandi, who has been a guest at this year’s function, will be present. Famous Nazrul music artist Ferdous Ara talked about this artist. Poet Aditya Nazrul produced the program in the presentation of the literary Mani Haider. The program is scheduled for Saturday at 9pm on GTTV.

Sanjay Dutt in short tour of Dhaka

Bollywood actor Sanjay Dutt came to Dhaka on a short tour. Not at any film, but he came in the 3-day Bangabandhu Cup golf logo unveiled.

At 4pm, formalities began to be opened in Kurmitola Golf Club at Dhaka Cantonment. The Bollywood actor is present among the guests present on the occasion. But it was only a few hours.

He said, “I came to Dhaka for a few hours in a product launch a few years ago. There was much difference between Dhaka and today’s Dhaka. A lot has been developed. Everything around so beautiful! It is just as beautiful as this event. “Sanjay Dutt said, ‘My father was alive when I came in the past, now he is not alive.’

Sanjay Dutt is busy with the elections now. It is heard, he will be the candidate for this election. However, Sanjay denied that. Earlier, Sanjay Dutt, who tried to become the candidate in the elections, In 2009, he wanted to elect the Samajwadi party candidate in the Lok Sabha elections. But the arms were not involved in the case, so his wish was not fulfilled.

On the other hand, actor Sanjay Dutt appeared in the role of Zohar Shaktam, producer Karan Johar in a new poster on ‘Big Budget’ The film’s poster has already been published. There he can be seen, he appeared in the presence of the patriarch Balraj Chowdhury.

Rinku’s new song ‘Zikir’

Popular singer Rinku has been singing Baul, Mormi and Sufu for a long time. In this sequence, a Sufi song has been published in the title of ‘Jikir’ under the eagle music banner. “Due to the pressure, put the curtains of the dead kalab, open the kayanaat in its name, according to the jikir, the east-west-north-south erhun ki air, Allahu Allahu … … such a song in the spiritual connotation of the lyricist Shamse Arefin, the melody composed by the composer Habib Mostafiz and music composed by Time Music Director Anu Mostafiz. Artist Rinku took part in the main model of the song’s aesthetic video in the direction of Eagle team.

Habib Mustafa said, the merciful Lord has kept man full of all the blessings. I tried to apply the divine tone to the heart of the psyche of the songwriter, Sharme Arefin, and Moinfiz Bhai made his best composition in the song, and Rinku sang the song with the highest felony.

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