A decade was the fastest man in the country. The Queen of Firoz Khatun track literally in glamor attachment with success. He also chased a whisper in pursuance. The first to open the mouth after years of relationship with the legendary Munna. Interview Noman Mohammad

Q: You are the ‘Queen of track’ of Bangladesh athletics. Standing on the number one track of the Bangabandhu Stadium, our photo journalist wanted to take pictures so that our photo journalist. But you left the number four track. The reason for this is to start with the conversation, or talk about dialogue.

Firoz Khatun: Because the number four track is my favorite. It’s almost midnight. There are three on one side and four on the other. If I had been here, I would have thought I could run away. But it is not always possible to run that track. It would have been a lottery. I’m fortunate enough to have tracked my four number of tracks in the lottery. That’s why it’s a favorite.

Question: About a decade you were the country’s number one female athlete in the four-track race. I must listen to that story. If you said the story of interest in athletics before?

Firoza: (laughs) If I say I’m interested in athletics ice cream, believe?

Defense: Ice cream!

Firuza: Ice cream. Father showed me the greed of the ice cream and brought me to this world. I’m just talking about young age. Maybe in class five-s Baba will be very interested in playing the children. He heard that Daulatpur College was a sports champion. I used to do my father, he tied himself with a rope at one end and told me, ‘If it is possible to jump, you can get ice cream.’ It does not mean that it is a high jump, that is what it is! But the ice cream jumped. My first competition at school is high jump. Again, in the premises of our home in Mymensingh, there were sports, racing, high jump, stay in the first three.

Q: How was the evil of childhood?

Firoza: Very bad. In that childhood, I learned to ride the bike to the elders alone. The way that everyone walks through the handle to the pedals, not the way they learn. I used to do the rows of two rows and set the bricks. Spaced-in bicycle-way Then jump off the seat. Let’s run slowly. If there is a brick, then there is a brick. In this way learn cycling.

Q: What is said, this intellect has got itself out!

Firoza: I did not say I was quite bad.

Defense: Did you say anything from the house for mischoomi?

Firoza: Nah. The youngest girl is My father Amir-ul-Haq Mother Rahima Khatun There was land in the village; The family lives in the gestusti Three sisters, I am the younger of the two brothers. Father tried to bring others to play. My big sister is like five feet six inches in height. Dad used to apologize, if he came in the game or did better than me. But all is fate.

Q: How to start athletics in school?

Firoza: Before doing high jump in the temptation of the ice cream with the father, he did not name it in the annual sports competition of the school. Afterwards, we started giving names. Participation in Inter School Competition. Remember, we get the first prize in our Radhasundari High School and play at Muslim Girls School.

Q: In which event?

Firoza: In three events. Racing, biscuit racing Do not laugh about another event- Frogs jump Our time was to jump in the inter-school frog (laughter).

Q: What was the reward, remember?

Firoza: A red color jug, a small pot, and another. I’ve forgotten.

Defense: How did you come to the main stream of athletics in Mymensingh?

Firuza: First came Dhaka to play in the junior meet, probably in 1982. First in the shortcut, second in the high jump. Then read Class Eight-Nine. Bakul sir came with us from Mymensingh It was very exciting.

Q: As a high jumper, how did you come to Sprint later?

Firoza: My first serious exercise in Mymensingh is under Jamal Bhai. Mymensingh Jute Mills took me to the jumbo mills, where they were competing, as the high jumper. I could get some medals. Ghorashal came to play in 1984. We have no 200 meter racing runners. Jamal Bhai said, ‘When no one is there, then you run in this event.’ Why does Jamal Bhai think, running around with me trying something good is possible.

Q: Then the coach started trying to make you a runner?

Firoza: That’s right. At that time a large group used to come to Mymensingh. 10 thousand meter Mustak Bhai, Tapashda, Ratan Bhai, Latif Bhai, 10-12 champion athletes who used to practice in our town, before me, Mahmuda Apa, Kajol Bhai, the fastest man of Bangladesh. Jamal Bhai invited me to join the team. But one day after practice it was forbidden from the house.

Q: Why?

Firuza: Walking with the boys, many of the neighborhood-neighbors would see bent eyes. So stop the practice. After that my parents and my father agreed to say

Defense: When did you take part in the national championship?

Firoza: In 1986. The previous year was open trial before the clean games in Dhaka. Jamal Bhai told me to join. Take part 100 and 200 meters. Did not get the medal but got confidence. The next year, while participating in the national championship for Mymensingh, there was no nervousness.

Defense: What was the result?

Firoza: Take part in 100m, 200m and 4x100m Relay. Bronze at three events

Q: The first gold medal in 100 meters next year?

Firoza: Yes, in 1987. Then BTMC brought me. Mumu Apa, her husband and sports editor of Mannu Textile Mills Awalad Bhai, one day three of us went to Mymensingh’s house. They told me to play in BTM. He played for them in 1987, 100m, 200m and 4x100m relay-three gold medals in three events. I probably won the gold in 400 meters relay.

Q: What was the realization of that success, my address athletics?

Firoza: He has never played with targets. Remember, your senior sports journalist Mujtaba Danishada was once interviewing me. Then I got the gold medal in the tray He asked me, ‘What is your goal in Firoza, athletics?’ I could not answer. I used to play for joy, I did not think any goal was to go ahead.

Q: During the 1987-1996 period, you are on the track of the Bangladesh Athletics Queen. In this 10 years, someone lost 100 meters?

Firoza: Take part in 12 national level tournaments in 10 years. National Meet, Summer Meet, Bangladesh Games – All Inclusive The fastest woman in 12 minutes is 10 times. Just missed twice. Once, Rehana, once again lost her loyalty.

Q: 200m, the relay must also have gold medals?

Firoza: There. These are three of my main events – 100 meters, 200 meters and hardles. I won the gold medal in all. Again, 400 meters and long jumps in the national championship won silver. 100 meters is my favorite event. He did not win the gold medal at the event twice, to pay a little bit of 400 meters and long jumps. I got the silver medal in it.

Q: Do you remember the events in such an event differently?

Firoza: My timing was not 100 meters in the previous time of the 1988 national championship. Everyone thought Rafisa would be the fastest man. Only BTMC coach Khalek Bhai believed me. It’s so memorable to win the service. After running, Khalek Bhai came running to hug me. The picture comes in a newspaper. Khalek Bhai gave me a watch by making a watch with that picture. Another memorable thing about racing is memorable. Standing in the opposite of my finishing line, one was eating a cigarette after one. In tension. I did not know then, afterwards I heard the story from his mouth.

Defense: Who is he?

Firoza: I do not mean to say the name.

Q: Well, all right. Come on in another context. Your national level is not such a success but at the international level. You do not have any medals in private events in the clear game. What is the reason?

Firoza: I take part in four safas. 1987 Calcutta, 1989 Islamabad, 1991 Colombo and 1993 Dhaka Games. The country did not bring any medal to the private event. I got two medals in the relay event only. There is a little sadness in this. My personal medal at the international event is the hardlass money in the Islamic Games in Pakistan. Apart from this, in 1999, Japan and 1993 were goodies to participate in the Athletics World Championships in Germany. 1989 to take part in Asian Track and Field in India. Once again in the United States in 1993, at the World University Games. In 1994, I went to Japan’s Tokyo Asian Games. It is not a question of getting medals at all these meetings.

Q: But in those places have you seen many famous athletes?

Firoza: Seeing Ben Johnson, football legend Pelé in Japan. With Greyhit Joyner in Germany Going to India with PT Usha I picked up the photo with them. Where’s gone!

Q: Is there a reason why you can not get medals in clear sports, due to lack of proper training?

Firoza: Maybe-or I got the maximum benefit when I got the information inside the country. Jamal Bhai gave me this with a schedule from Shah Alam Bhai. Shah Alam Bhai has heard a lot about this – ‘You are giving BTMC girl first while playing for BJMC.’ Most of my medals follow the schedule given by her. But for international success, I did not get the amount of modern coaching required.

Defense: Is there a lot of money in the athletics?

Firoza: No. I entered the BTM as an athlete in 1987. At the beginning of the salary is two and a half thousand rupees. In 1994, till the BTMC’s administrative officer. They will not play in the service of the team. Then Adam called me from Jute Mill. I was in the last two-three years of my career. But my job was never permanent.

Q: why did you leave the athletics track?

Firozah: It was the age, how much! Meanwhile, I started working as a physical instructor in an English medium school. Together I gave up athletics. I talked about the schools in Gulshan that I worked in the BIT eight years. Then go to Sea Bridge International. Later, I started the job at Korean School Ibinzor. But after some time let me release it.

Q: Why?

Firoza: Because I know within a month of starting that job, my baby came in my stomach. I’ve been married at the age of 41. If you have children in this age, you have to rest completely. So I leave the job of Ibinzar. Although the service is my abortion. At the end of the 43 years of age, I was a mother. (Showing pictures on mobile) is my daughter Afanan Rosanna Rosa. I could spend more time with him, because of that I did not work. I stayed in Mymensingh. Now the girl is a bit older; Learned to understand We will again start the job and start the job. Apart from this I have been serving as Secretary of the Department of Women’s Sports, Mymensingh Divisional Women’s Sports Association. Want to create some athletes in the coming days.

Defense: We came to the end almost. At that time in Bangladesh, the adjectives you have seen in the newspapers ‘Glamor Girl at Athletics’. Want to know a little, would one surely get the offer of regular love?

Firoza: He got a lot. However, the love of the two have to stay well. Do not be unilateral. I do not believe that someone would offer love and love with him. Nobody could benefit so much by offering me direct love.

Q: If you want, you can not answer the question. I have heard people from the old days of Bangladesh sports, I had love with football player Monem Munna. Really?

Firoza: (I think) I answer the answer. Many times, if there is a good relationship with someone, many talk about it when it gets damaged. I’m not such a girl. And Munna is such a person to me, such a person … (voices come out, tears rolling down on their eyes)

Q: You take the time. I’m waiting …

Firoza: (After a while) I’m sorry. Actually I can not cope with the emotion. Munna and many have talked about me a lot; I have never responded to anyone. I did not say, which is true, which is false. It seems so many days today, I will say. Munna and I were a good friend Very good friend That said a while ago, I was eating cigarettes after a cigarette standing on the opposite side of the finish line of 100 meters running, it was Munna.

Q: Many people may feel like listening to it, of course there was a love relationship between these two.

Firoza: Maybe it might seem, but that’s not right. You can understand another story. I was returning home in 1994 with the participation of Asian Games in Hiroshima in Japan. A person at the airport came and told me, ‘I am Munna’s friend Pushkin. He told you to contact a little. “Munna got married on that day, there was no communication with her. But when he said, call me Munna after a couple of days. He wants to meet Perhaps we meet Pushkin’s brother’s office. At one point of time, Munna asked me, ‘Firoza, do you like me?’ I said, ‘Of course, if you did not get married, I would not have come to meet you today.’ And again, ‘love me?’ I am surprised and replied, ‘Yes’. Munna was more surprised and said, ‘Then why did not I tell him any day?’ I replied, ‘I did not say, because if you refused me because of any reason you could not bear it. I did not want anything, let us lose our friendship, ‘Munna looked at me. What is the eye of my eyes! I said, ‘I liked you too. From when, you know? When he went to our house in Narayanganj Port in 1988, when I met my mother and greeted her by touching her feet – from then on. ‘This was our relationship. Not to love, deep friendships. Believe it or not, it’s not a personal matter to do it.

Q: Do you remember the memory of your first encounter?

Firoza: I have many memories about Munna. All have to remember. It will take days to come. Our first meeting was held at Siraj Tailors of Dhaka Stadium. 1987 went to the size of the trousers of the clef games. Suddenly, I went to Munna stores. Sharmila tweeted with her, ‘Apa, I’m finished. Look at that, Munna. ‘

Defense: Then?

Firoza: Conversation started in Kolkata. The beginning is quite bogus. Remember, where to eat together all of us together. In the share of the money, the harp probably gets a little, Munna gives a full note. I say to myself, ‘Apa, give back the money. Do you want to get rid of the excess money or the extra money? ‘After another reason why angry Muna said to me,’ Do you think you are so beautiful? ‘I reply,’ I am not beautiful, beautiful. ‘And it is very startling. The beginning of our friendship through these quarrels.

Q: And the last memories with Munna?

Firoza: On January 4, 2005, my birthday. At 11 o’clock in the night, Munna called. At this point, I say at one point, ‘My mind is very bad today. The birthday that went on all day, nobody greeted me. “Munna said, ‘What are you saying? You give home address. I am coming right now. ‘What is it? I am hired in a sub-par with an apple. Mumna had to stop and explain. Before leaving the phone and the last said, ‘pray for me, as if I have lived for some time.’ Munna was very sick immediately. That’s my last word with him. In less than one and a half months, on February 12, Munna was killed.

Q: How to get death news?

Firoza: I know, I did not understand at all. Occasionally a couple of people went to see him in the hospital with Manik Bhai. I saw it, but unconscious Munna did not see me. I was in school on 12th February. That night he would be going to the hospital again. On the day of Pushkin brother’s phone, I thought, Munna probably wanted to see me – she will say that. But I heard that Munna was no more. Can not say how it feels like. After that Munna did not see the end. Pushkin brother later told me, ‘Why did not you come? I did not expect it from you at all. “How would she understand, if I could, maybe Munna’s body would be whispering in front of me. Tell two things. How do I dislike Munna!

Q: We talked about Monem Munna about 40 minutes. Eyes were completely erased throughout the time. Your emotional attachment to him …

Firoza: But before that I never talked to anyone about Munna. There is no question of crying in front of anyone. Why can not handle myself today. And it sounds good to say the words. Say goodbye, what looks very light!

Q: There is a lot of talk about your very emotional place. Now the last question is. Life, how about carrier satisfaction?

Firoza: I’m glad at the athletes I’ve done. Athletic as a national sports prize – it is less! One is sad, not able to give big gifts to the country at the international level. Outside of life, there is no great regret in life. I think people can never be happy if they are sorry. I did not do anything in life that was true. Could not be economically self-sufficient. At the age of 51, I’m thinking about leaving the child. But I do not mind it very much. Try to find happiness from small things. In all, life has not been so bad.

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