Social media Facebook has announced to control the LiveStreaming feature due to the attack on two mosques in Christchurch in New Zealand. As a measure against violence, today’s announcement has been made to tighten the use of this feature.

On March 15, after the events of Christchurch’s attack on livestream, Facebook came under severe criticism. Gunman Brenton Harrison Tarantin livestreaming the deadly attack on the cameras placed on the head. In the attack, 51 Muslims of different countries, who have been praying for Jumma in two mosques, were killed.

Today’s AFP report said in a written statement that Vice President Guy Rojen said in a written statement: “We have examined what can be done to limit our services to damaging or spreading hatred after the horrific attack in New Zealand.”

The ‘One Strike’ policy of Facebook Live will be applicable for bigger crimes. Breaking this policy will prohibit the use of this feature.

According to Rozen’s statement, sharing of links to any militant would also be considered offense. He said, ‘We are planning to introduce this restriction in other areas too soon. This process is being started by preventing those people from creating ads on Facebook.

Rozen said many users were spread out by New Zealand attack video to avoid the filter. Need to add new technology to prevent such issues. He said, “We have faced the challenge of expanding the variety of videos in the next few days of the attack. People are not always deliberately sharing, editing videos, which makes it difficult to identify in our system. ‘

Facebook has said that they are working with three US universities at the cost of $ 75 million for research in the development of photo and video analysis technology.

Facebook announced livestorming control at a time when New Zealand’s Prime Minister Jasindra Aurdon joining the meeting called ‘Christchurch Call’ in Paris today to prevent online extremism. World leaders will attend the international meeting.

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