During Ramadan, 95 percent of the public transport in Dhaka is suffering from traffic. 90 percent of the passengers expressing dissatisfaction with the public transport system. And 98 percent of the victims are facing anonymity.

These information was released in a monitoring report of Bangladesh Passenger Welfare Association. The report was made by observing 15 areas and important turn around in the capital. Today this observation report was sent to the media on behalf of the Passenger Welfare Association on Saturday.

It has been observed that 68 percent of the passengers were forced to move on moving bus. With the additional rental in the name of the catering service, 36 percent passengers were forced to stand up. Although harassment, 93 percent of the passengers do not know how to complain. However, 90 percent of passengers believe that they do not complain because there is no remedy for complaint. The operation of the concerned authorities could not be noticed to resolve these sufferings.

Regarding CNG fares, the monitoring report said that CNG operated auto rickshaws in the city are running 100 percent deal. It is being leased around three to four times more than the meter. Do not agree to go to the desired destination of 93 percent autorickshaw drivers. When the coincidentally coincidentally matches the preferred destination of the driver, they agree to go to the destination of the passengers.

It is said in the report that due to traffic congestion at the time of Iftar, ordinary people of the city are facing extreme suffering due to the public transport crisis. After the office holiday, almost all the buses traveling to the city, targeting the passengers in the center of the city, are now on the seating service overnight. These buses, especially at the time of the Iftar, push the passengers down and fly to the destination. From around three in the evening to about six in the city, about 97 percent of the bus-minibus traveled through the doors of the seating service. The passengers of the city’s main stoppage are facing extreme suffering. Buses are charging extra fares as determined by the company, rather than the government fixed fares.

Suffer from raid sharing

Passengers’ welfare report reports that motorbikes transported in the name of riding sharing have been added for the first time in public transport. It has been found throughout the city that instead of applying four times in the afternoon, motorbikes carry passengers for three to four times the additional hike in oral contracts.

Members of the sub-committee observing the rental anarchy and passenger services in the public transport of the Bangladesh Passenger Welfare Association, observe the journey from the beginning of Ramadan to the passenger’s workplace. The report was made in the city’s Kamalapur, Magbazar, Shani Akhra, Gulistan, Sayedabad, Jatrabari, Postagola, Shahbagh, Farmgate, Mirpur-10, Mohakhali, Agargaon, Dhanmondi, Banani and Baridhara.

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