China’s unmanned Robotan Chang’i-4, which had successfully landed on the moon in the dark. Now the moonlight shows hope for the moon’s greatest mystery. Recently, the rocket was caught in the cameras of the moon on the surface of the ore. Scientists hope that, by analyzing it, important information can be found on many long-lost extras including the origins of the satellite. This information was released on Wednesday in a research report by the famous science journal Nature.

The first moon landing on the moon at the beginning of January in the world, Chiangmai -4, created history in the world. And the ore presence in it is another great success as scientists see.

Nature researchers said that recently, the Chinese spacecraft has found two different types of solid objects in the lunar surface, which have never been seen before. The objects that look like ore are considered to be the surface of the moon’s surface, scientists think.

Sara Russell, a professor of gynecology at Natural History Museum in London, said that if the ore is the object of the surface, then it will be quite useful for research on the origin of the Moon.

In a statement, author of the research report and Professor of the National Astronomical Observatories of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Lee Chanlai said that this object is being examined to know the nature of the moon surface. This test is very important. The new object will also help to determine whether the moon has an enclosed sea. Above all, it will be used to reveal the mystery of moon origin.

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