The sun has rushed to the west. However, the heat of the sun did not fall. At the end of the last sunny light-shade, a beautiful table was set on the green field of TSC in Dhaka University. There are small groups in the group who are sitting in front of the youth iftar content. The story is going on for the sunset and the discussion is in the context. This scene of Youthan’s Iftar in the afternoon from the beginning of the holy month of Ramadan in the TSC premises.

Other times of the year, from morning till night, in the TSC premises, songs, guitar or tabla tune music or various social activities. But on the afternoon of the month of Ramadan, the atmosphere of TSC was changed. From evening to evening this complexion becomes an iftar festival.

Last Thursday on Thursday, the TSCs were rising in the light of the massacre. Most of them are young. The vast green fields of TSC, inner caf├ęs or corridors are being filled in the presence of the rushed youth. They are present in the bottle with cold water, juices, old magazines and iftarasagree. The iftar was collected from a temporary shop sitting in front of TSC. Someone again took a iftar from Chawkbazar of old Dhaka and took friends from the ground and took a seat by selecting friends. Some of them started to cheer themselves up, and some people were busy spreading the magazine to get the iftar arrangement.

A group of 12 people sitting in green grass of TSC were found. They sit in the middle of the iftar community. It is known that they are all students of the Department of Information Science department of Dhaka University. One of them, Sayjuti Islam, said, “This is not an iftar of our information science department, so everyone in the division is not there. I have planned some friends with a lot, today I will iftar to TSC, that’s why sitting. Most of us are here. Since the family is not there, so everyone is sitting together to get some family atmosphere. ‘

In keeping with the Senguti Islam, Farhan Sifat said, ‘Indeed, our families whose family is far away That’s their family. Maybe the friend of the department, or the friend of the hall. But iftar friends are very fun at TSC. ‘

Some of them even decorate iftar with four or five friends. Most of them live in Dhaka University. There are only roommates in the roommates. Six members of a room of Vijay-71 Hall were found there. They said, iftar in the room, iftar come to the TSC and iftar is different. It takes a lot of green grass in the natural environment.

In addition to the students of Dhaka University, many organizations have organized iftar here. They say that iftar of TSC is very enjoyable. There was a Iffar of a social organization of Dhaka University working on the environment there. The group of 20 people was having a great deal of knowledge about Dhaka city and the environment. At the end of the Iftar they encourage their waste to be removed. It is known that, every year they organize iftar with members of the organization. One of the members of the party, Shafqat Masum said, TCS Iftar is very nice to work.

As well as young people, a small number of families are also found in the green grass of TSC. They made most of their food back home again. Muhith Hasan came with two-year-old son and wife. He said, ‘I was a student of Dhaka University. Six times before that year, friends used to sit in TSC almost every day iftar. There are no old friends, but try to get that feeling. So, if I have time, I will come to the TSC in the family for a few years. ‘

The sound of the Azan comes out from the mosque after the evening. Rowdy Rasadadars came to TSC. Everyone was putting together a face in front of food and drinks. Thus, every evening, every evening of the evening, TSC becomes a joyous festival Green square.

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