Zuckerberg ran while he was furious. In 2016, he set a goal of running 365 miles. In July, the goal was met. He does not practice martial arts. But the defense of his self-defense and the other is similar to that of the Marshall Art Ikido of Japan. The powerful life force that competes with the opponent, it can be compared with the martial arts practice effortlessly.

In March last year, Zuckerberg announced that social networking network Facebook will now focus more on privacy. It has the facility of encrypted messaging. Observers say that Zuckerberg’s goal is to protect Facebook from criticizing various issues including privacy. Some see it as an effort to tie instant messaging services, especially messenger and WhatsApp. It is going to be difficult for some companies to break Facebook, which is going to be different. Some said that Zuckerberg’s efforts to get rid of the violent content removal obligations

Zuckerberg announced a new competition on April 30 in the annual developer conference in San Jose, USA. He said he plans to give a new look to the social media.

Zuckerberg said, “The future is basically personal communication.”

Although Zuckerberg did not give a direct announcement, it can be assured that Zuckerberg is on the way to Weichat. Wechat is China’s tencent mobile text and voice message communication service. Zuckerberg is now going to create Western version of WeChat.

Zuckerberg’s plan is outdated or far-sighted? Zuckerberg clearly see, the key business of Facebook is becoming more and more. Apart from the US Federal Trade Commission’s $ 300 million fine for violating privacy, 42 percent of the profits from its management stand out. The marginal earnings from January to March increased by 26 percent compared to the same period last year. But anxiety has increased in the case of user growth. The rate of user increases is decreasing. The situation in the developed countries, including Europe, is tragic. The youth are more prone to service like Snapchat, Instagram. The features like Storise have been popular with them.

Zuckerberg has continued his efforts to get his ‘town square’ in digital ‘living room’. Soon, the use of Storise increases by Facebook Newsfeed. He is moving ahead with plans to secure secure communications around WhatsApp. By looking at each other, there will be various advantages like digital transactions, online shopping. This can be used by Facebook’s own currency.

The British journalist The Economist wrote that many services of Zuckerberg’s planned platform have already begun to be started. Examining payment services in India. Instagram has started shopping facilities. As Zuckerberg initially took a tough decision, 34-year-old Zuckerberg became much more than that. Now he has made a full business plan. Now he is very cautious.

Of course, Zuckerberg’s plan also has challenges. One of these is economic. Wechat’s acceptance of smartphones is the reason why there is not a significant App Store in China. In this case, Facebook and Google will get to compete with Google and Apple. There should be new ways of earning money on new platforms. One thing to remember, Tencent does not earn much from WeChat. From their online games come their income. To fill Facebook’s income, you need to find new income sources.

Facebook’s services are not used to spend because its authorities say they will not bother the user. Rather, it is easy to monitor a large network. Users can be protected from harmful content with its financial and technical capabilities. Apart from this, we can create a strong opponent of Wechat outside of China.

However, now the big barrier of Zuckerberg’s plan is that of politicians. Many voices against Facebook’s dominance The noise of breaking up Facebook Zuckerberg wants to have a systematic rule of Internet control, so that social media can operate from its coverage.

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