The shooting of the second phase of the Gangchil film began on November 17. The company will go to Basurhat Union in Noakhali. The whole unit including the director is present. The heroine Purnima is scheduled to arrive on Wednesday. He has come out. But sidewalks blockade. As a result, the shooting became uncertain. Meanwhile, the shooting unit is waiting for Purnima. What to do If not shooting a lot of money will have to pay. Purnima reached Noakhali later. However, not by road, but by helicopter.

Purnima from Noakhali in a cellphone said, “I was preparing for the road in the morning. Because, in the morning, shooting for my part will start. But after I got out, I found out that the workers had blocked the roads demanding new road transport law reform. That’s why I came here by emergency helicopter. “

Naeem Imtiaz Niamul, director of the cellphone from the shooting location, said, “Due to the roadblock, the heroine has been arranged by helicopter in emergency. Because, shooting the heroine part all day. We have been waiting for him since morning. ‘

The director said that the shooting would be done for seven days. The name of the photo has been named from Gangchil Chowr of Basurhat Union of Companyiganj Upazila of Noakhali. In the film, the story of the lives of four people has come up. Purnima plays the role of NGO activist Mohan in the film. Ferdous plays the journalist Sagar. Also starring are Asaduzzaman Noor, Tariq Anam Khan, Anisur Rahman Milon and Jayaraj.

The film is being produced from Gangchil, a novel written by Road Transport and Bridge Minister Obaidul Quader.

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