Australia is a country at risk of fire. The BBC says there are at least 54,000 fires a year in the country. Some areas of the country are upset by these fires. The surprising fact, however, is that many Australian fires are caused by people in Australia. These people want to set this fire on fire. It may be from a fire burning inside the mind or there is no reason behind it.

Referring to two recent A-2 survey data, the BBC says 13 percent of the 54,000 burnings in Australia, of which 13 were voluntary fire. 5% of the incidents are considered ‘suspicious’.

However, according to Paul Reed, deputy director of the Australian National Center for Research, Bushfire & Arson, about 62,000 fires occur each year and are increasing day by day. Whatever the number, the question is, why do people deliberately do catastrophic events like fires?

Paul Reid says more than half of the deliberately planted firearms in Australia occur through the under-21 age group. The group consists of children who first start playing with fire, who can no longer control it. On the other hand, this is also the case with some children who are impeded by mental development.

However, the reasons behind the fire are even more surprising than children.

Paul Reid said there is a group of Australians over 28 who feel a tension in the fire. What is called ‘psycho-sexual fascination’ in medical science.

According to Red, these people set a fire on fire for no reason. At least that’s what the statistics say. Rather, a group of people under 28 years and a group of people over 30 years set fire to more. These two groups of people are on fire during the fiery season. Because it is very difficult for law enforcement to find the source of the fire at this time.

Many people get fired or fail to fall in love but also cause a fire.

A 16-year-old boy was arrested for setting fire to a 16-year-old boy in New South Wales, Australia. Then the police officer sadly said that many brokenhearted people were deliberately spreading the fire.

In an interview to Australian media ABB, one person said he was angry when he saw the lover talking to another.

Paul Reid said that sometimes marginal people spread fires to inflame society. However, according to Red, there are some people who set fire to the joy of the mind. He said that the glowing red fire in front of the eyes is burning everything, they see that they are truly happy.

But outside of these people, many times the fire service personnel often cause a fire. In 2009, about 173 people died.


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