Australian airline Qantas Airways is launching the world’s longest non-stop flight. The flight departs New York from Australia to Sydney, Australia without any break. The final test of physical and mental ability will be given to the passengers.

The news agency AFP reports that the flight will take approximately 22 hours from New York to Sydney without delay. The flight is scheduled to arrive in Sydney on Friday night. Qantas Airways has launched a pilot program called ‘Long Flight’. The flight is being operated as part of that activity. The company wants to test the impact of this long halted flight on passengers.

Prior to this, no flight in the world has ever crossed such a path. Qantas Airways CEO (CEO) called the move a ‘latest test in the sky sector’.

The Boeing 787-9 will fly to Sydney with a maximum of 40 passengers and crew. Most of the passengers, however, are Airways employees. The flight will have enough fuel to travel approximately 16,000 kilometers without interruption. As a result, the flight does not have to take any break to get fuel. Passengers have also been requested to bring lightweight bags. In addition, scientists from two Australian universities will be on the flight to study travelers’ sleep patterns, melatonin hormone levels and food intake.

There is a difference of about 15 hours between New York and Sydney. Another purpose of this study is to closely observe the impact of jetlag on passengers. Professor Stephen Simpson of the University of Sydney told AFP, “The fundamental point of science is that the longer the time difference between the two locations will be, and the more east you can go instead of the west, people will feel more jetlag.” But each person’s jetlag feel is different. So we need more detailed research on jetlag. ‘

In addition to New York-Sydney, Qantas Airways will operate another flight on the London-Sydney route next month.


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