Nanded actress Jaya Ahsan is busy in Kolkata with the release of the awaited movie campaign and shooting of the new movie. In the meantime, the News of the Times of India, Joy, and love are getting married next year. The question in the mind of everyone, then is the end of life lonely? He was talking while talking to the first light on Tuesday evening, and he directly blew up the fact that next year’s marriage – marriage.

After many years of separation, Jaya has been following his path. Keep yourself busy with work. Meanwhile, rumors of love were also heard around him several times. But the truth of it has never been confirmed. Jiao has always avoided this. He has kept himself in the news with the latest news about the work of the movie. But on Sunday, Prasenjit and Jaya met with the Indian media for a photo campaign.

In an interview, a Kolkata star was quoted as saying, Jaya or is she in love with a Bangladeshi and will get married next year? In response to such a question, Jaya says, ‘Oh! Who said so much about me? ‘The question then arises, is the news rumor? Jaya says, ‘No. I am in love The person with whom I am related is from Bangladesh. Nobody in the film industry. But the wedding day is not yet over. ‘

Though busy all day shooting, the evening talks with Joy. He said at first light, ‘I have a special friend. But that is never a love thing. For a long time, I was asked by the Times of India about the relationship between love and love. But I told them I have special friends. Have very good friends But it is never loved or love. And marriage is not a question. ‘

Jaya says,

‘I work like this, with two countries together – I don’t have a good time in my hands to love anyone. Who is so busy with a man like me said that Kiba will love it! If you have to give time to love, I can not give it time. Where is my time? All my love is up to the task. ‘

But if ever you decide on love or marriage, you must inform everyone. According to him, there is nothing to hide about it. Joy says, ‘I love, why do I say that I am married. I don’t see anything to hide. I am a man of sufficient maturity. If you make such a decision in life, you must inform everyone.

According to Jaya, when interviewing the Times of India, he often asks about his love affair. He said, ‘Since I am working in two countries, I am interested in the fans there too. That’s why they want to know about personal matters. That is why he quotes the news of love and marriage, which is not the case at all.

But that was said about marriage next year? Joy said, where there is no love, there is no question of marriage.

Jaya Ahsan is shooting for a semi-archetype photo of Kaushik Gangs in South Kolkata, India. Apart from Jaya, Churli Ganguly is acting in this film, and Kaushik Sen is the lead. Meanwhile, under the SAFTA agreement, the film has been released in the theater of Bangladesh. In this film directed by Shiv Prasad Mukherjee and Nandita Roy, the performance of Joyar is praised.

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