What is Web Hosting – If you are planning to create a blog or website, your knowledge about web hosting is very important. Because, just like every person in this world needs a place or a home to live in, so to put a website in the world of the internet, you will need a place. So, to launch any website, app or blog on the internet, first of all, you need to buy a place to put them. And, the place you buy is called web hosting. The place or hosting for your website wherever you buy is called the host of your website.

Today, having a website is a lot of talks and maintaining a website is not possible for everyone. It is very important to have the proper knowledge. A website needs a lot of things to be successful in the Internet world. For example, Domain and Hosting. Without these two things, you can never start a website. What we will discuss later on domain names. However, today we know what hosting is and know all about hosting.

What is web hosting?

As I mentioned earlier, web hosting is a service by which we can launch any of our blogs or websites in the Internet world. When we buy hosting from any hosting provider, some space or space is given to our internet web server.

That web server is a computer that is always connected to the Internet. And when we upload our video, file, image, media or text article through a blog or website to a web server, they are stored on the webserver.

Web server is always connected to the Internet, our website or blog can also be accessed through the Internet on their mobile or computer. But, for this, before we buy a domain name, we need to connect it to our web server.

Through the domain name connected to your web server, JKO can view the video, file, image or other content on your web server through any computer or mobile connected to the Internet. And this medium is called a website or blog. Because on a website or blog you can see all the things that have been uploaded to the webserver of that website.

So in the end, what is web hosting? You may have understood by now. Hosting is a place that you must buy to keep your website or blog active online all the time.

What are the types of web hosting and what are they?

After knowing what web hosting is or what it is, then it is very important to know what kind of web hosting it is. Depending on the website requirements, security, speed, etc. we can use many types of web hosting. As such, there are many types of web hosting. The most commonly used ones for hosting blogs and websites are –

  • Shared hosting
  • V P S (Virtual private server)
  • Dedicated hosting
  • Cloud hosting
  • Let’s talk about all these types of web hosting types in Zeneni Detail.

What is Shared Hosting?

Shared hosting means sharing web hosting. That is, a web server will share many websites. For example, Vibe has a house and many of your friends share or think about that house. In this case, your house is a web server and you and your friends who are sharing the house are a website.

In this, your profit is that all your friends can rent your house. You have to pay a lot less. Shared hosting As well, we share a web server with many websites or blogs, so we need a lot less money for it. Shared hosting allows you to buy for much less money. And, people use shared hosting for a new blog or website.

Some benefits of Shared hosting

  • You can buy at much cheaper prices.
  • Best hosting for a new website.
  • Talking about the cost of shared hosting, you can buy good shared hosting from $ 1 to $ 3 (monthly). Many shared hosting companies offer free hosting.

What is Virtual Private Hosting?

A virtual private server is many thousand times better than shared hosting. But hey, we don’t have a VPS server when visitors or traffic comes to our website and when our website becomes very popular. In the first case, I don’t think it is necessary to take VPS hosting.

So what do we mean by hosting this VPS? For example, a web server is divided into many types in this type of hosting, just as a lot of rooms are built in a building. And, just like you own a room in a buying room, only you own the website or blog on the VPS server. The share you buy will be used solely for your website and not by anyone else. It’s the same as your private web server. And, this is because VPS server or VPS hosting is very fast and profitable for websites with high traffic or visitors.

Some of the benefits of VPS hosting

  • The VPS server is very secure when viewed as security.
  • Much faster and its performance is much higher.
  • Shared hosting can handle a lot of traffic or visitors.
  • Nowadays you get around $ 12 to $ 20 (monthly) hosting for VPS.

What is dedicated hosting?

Dedicated hosting is completely different from other hosting. Because on shared hosting, you have to share a web server with numerous websites and on VPS hosting you are given a share of the webserver that is yours only.

However, in the case of dedicated hosting, you are provided with a complete web server that is exclusive to you. And, that web server will only host your website and its files. Likewise, when you buy a whole building tie, not a room, then you only have the right to live in it.

In the case of dedicated hosting, just because a website is hosted on a server, that website will work much faster and faster, and it is much safer when viewed from the security side.

But, remember, this hosting will be required when your blog or website gets a lot of traffic. And, dedicated servers cost a lot more.

Some of the benefits of dedicated hosting

  • It can handle a lot of traffic or visitors.
  • This type of hosting is very secure.
  • Performance is much higher than in others.
  • A website or blog will work much faster.
  • Dedicated server You can buy a minimum of $ 100 (monthly). In some cases much more.

What is Cloud Hosting?

Cloud hosting today stands out as the most popular and trusted hosting service among bloggers and website owners. Its performance and speed are much better quality and this hosting is much safer. In the past few years, cloud hosting has become very popular. And, I’m using Cloud Hosting for my blog myself.

Many web servers are put together in cloud hosting and therefore you can increase or decrease some server requirements such as CPU, RAM or storage as you need it. With this, as your website traffic or visitors increase, you can easily increase the performance of your web server as well.

And, in time, you can reduce performance. Cloud hosting can handle a lot less traffic and the chance of a website being down. You can also rely on the cloud web server for security.

Benefits of Cloud Hosting

  • There is very little chance of a server down.
  • Performance is much better and higher. And, can be increased or reduced as your own needs.
  • The website can handle more traffic.
  • The cost of cloud hosting is not as high as its performance. Get Cloud Hosting for $ 5 (monthly) to $ 12 (monthly). The price here depends on your requirements (CPU, ram, and storage).

Which web hosting would be good for a website?

So guys, hopefully, I can explain to you about web hosting and different types of hosting. Depending on the website you are hosting for or how you are hosting it depends on your website.

If you are thinking of creating a blog, buy shared hosting first. You will be able to buy a lot of shared hosting and in the first place, you will not get any traffic or visitors to your blog.

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Then when your blog starts to expect traffic or visitors your job will be done if you take cloud hosting. Cloud hosting is capable of all aspects. The more traffic or visitor you can sign, the greater the performance, increase or decrease the power of yourself, your website will load much faster and it is also reliable in terms of security. Therefore, cloud hosting can prove to be the best web hosting for your website.

Hey, if you are seeing traffic coming to your blog or website without limit and there is a lot of revenue coming from your blog, then you can have a dedicated server. Unlimited traffic can make dedicated hosting much easier. And, with the traffic, you need to get income from your website if you want to get a dedicated server. Because, as I said before, dedicated hosting is very expensive. So before buying a host of things you must keep in mind.

Our last word

So guys, hopefully with this article I can solve your questions and problems. If you have any questions about web hosting, be sure to comment below. And if you like the article, be sure to share it with your friends. Thanks.


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